Yoshimura, over 60 years of exhausts.

If the Yoshimura brand appears as a legendary brand for many riders is that there is a reason. Behind this “reason” hides a history spanning over 60 years

This is of course in Japan that the story takes root with Yoshimura Hideo “Pops”, a 32 years mechanic specialist in combat aviation . In 1954, this motorcycle enthusiast, based on US military airfield of Fukuoka seeks to increase the performance of BSA and Norton of US soldiers. It is also one of the first to want to do the preparation, an unusual thing for the time and that’s why he decided in 1964 to open his shop in the suburbs of Tokyo. Soon, his knowledge is so recognized that its customers and competitors give him this nickname “The hand of God!”

Hideo Yoshimura

Hideo Yoshimura

Gradually, the name “Yoshimura Competition Motorshas a place to become the reference we have now. And to accentuate this fact, we must strike a blow. Hideo decides to win the competition of the 200 miles in Daytona, USA. Win this race would allow him to establish his prestige. We are in 1971, Yoshimura opens to the western United States, Los Angeles subsidiary called R & D (Research and Development) and will benefit from the launches of various Ama championship in 1976 to deepen the sense of competition and be closer to the competition. That same year, committed to 200 miles, the team will finish out of the podium and on the third place a year later.


Start of reign.

1978 will mark a turning point. First of all because it is the first year of association with Suzuki, but it will also  the beginning of a long series of victory. Daytona of course, but also the Suzuka Eight Hours and the US championship between 1979 and 1980 will be completely overwritten. It is with a sense of accomplishment that Hideo Yoshimura return to Japan in 1981, leaving his son Fujio in charge of R & D branch. This is also the moment chosen by the firm to cross the Atlantic and invade Europe. With its build quality and performance gain an immediate success!

In 1995, Hideo Yoshimura disappear at the age of 72 years and Fujio Yoshimura naturally takes the leads of the company that continues to innovate with colors and different materials where each riders finds his escape. An obvious alternative for our pitbike.

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