Pataias, Victory for UPower

The usual Road Trip Portugal of Clement Bageot starts. Since last year, a race is a part of the program on Favia Motorsportss.

A max of French engaged with Gauthier Gourjault in wire leader, but Justine Geisler, Julien Asset Thomas Guimberteau, Thomas Roubert Frederick Seroux, Gaëtan Masselin or Damien Rulland where alos here. In the 150 cc class who’s meeting CRF, but also 80cc ride by adults committed Sylvain Malebranche. Sylvain won overall with a nice handle and 2/1 shows that “big bikesfit him quite well.

Sylvain Mallebranche encouragé par l'équipe UPower

Sylvain Mallebranche encouragé par l’équipe UPower

In pitbike category much was expected of Gauthier Gourjault. Plagued by technical problems in the morning due to a poor quality gasoline Portuguese (mixed water particle, more riders will know the problem) Gauthier its senses in the semi final with a fine second place. From the final, he is doing the outposts but a huge drop on the table of the bridge will stop his momentum while a win was why not feasible. Back in France for examinations of the shoulder, the team wishes him a speedy recovery. Finaly, the best results come with Justine Geisler, who out from the crowd by taking the tenth place among the boys, one place ahead Gaetan Masselin! Note that Frédéric Seroux has also managed to qualify for the final.

Justine Geisler réalise un top 10.

Justine Geisler réalise un top 10.

Julien Asset attempt everything to get his ticket to the final, but it’s too hardwith the MX110. Soon, he has not gone far from the feat as Thomas Guimberteau with his little 2S. No chance for Damien Rulland and Thomas Roubert too.

Julien Asset a tout donné sur le MX110.

Julien Asset a tout donné sur le MX110.

Still, we must remember that the winner, Sebastien Kærgård, Danish, would never have succeeded without his day with Gauthier Gourjault. Victim of a mechanical problem, the UPower team will help him by lending the F15 Bucci number 338. Pleasantly surprised by the power of the engine, ha took the holeshot in the final race and nobody see him again!

Sebastien Kaergard s'impose sur une Bucci/Upower.

Sebastien Kaergard s’impose sur une Bucci/Upower.

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