MX110, Julien Asset, next generation.

In one year, the little MX110 has found its stride and demand. A Stock-Mod catégory is also created on the CGO, and what a better backyard with this bike ?

As a pioneer in the field, Julien Asset Test to retain an edge and just received a new version of its MX100.


In the program, passing the plastic kit for testing the CRF110, aluminum wheel with blue straps.


The engine is of course given to the Tokawa 110 semi auto with PE28 carburetor.


Goodies include a TwinAll Renthal handlebar, Domino gas, Mitas tires and a 242 Graphics Kit Deco who recalled the old time of Sano System”.


On his handlebars, the feeling does not change and you get used immediately to gauge the bike, even when used a big mini. The advantage is and will remain one, it’s a big toy that it is good fun whether on a track, backyard or freeride!

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