Flash on the Tokawa 4S

Since its release, the engine imported  by UPower, the Tokawa 4S arouses much curiosity. What is its history, riders impressions, UPL enlighten you on the subject.

Last year, it was through a small cylinder, 125 cc, the public discovered the Tokawa engine. Easy to use, the small engine immediately found its audience before being duplicated in the competition and thus to a higher cc.

Post YX evolution

The UPower team is working since 2009 on 4 valves based on a YX, both on the reliability than pure performance. Details that will lead to a plant change from 2013. Philippe Lemercier, the man behind the sourcing for UPower is of course behind this transfer. The study of the molds, specification analysis with an important work on the base engine is performed. The ratio of the gearbox is also one of the axes of evolution to  not only to use the second, but the third and fourth report and have a gearbox well-balanced. This staging is also the big problem of the YX with big holes between the gear. The clutch is not outdone, centerpiece, he was  reinforced discs and the  clutch too.


Honda technology

For the top engine, the result is the same with 4 piston valves UPower own. Made CNC, so much more stable, the piston is in mono segment and therefore uses the Honda technology. Added to this the use of noble materials such as titanium cups. Last but not least, we must understand that before the engine YX 4S UPower was assembled and handcrafted by Sébastien Trottier and Cedric Alamandy. The Tokawa arrives directly as standard with all this work sourcing and development directly in factory. A big evolution has led to the prices down and to be more responsive on parts and deliveries.

Daniel Razoux se régale avec le Tokawa.

Daniel Razoux se régale avec le Tokawa.

And the opinion of the riders?

As always, the magistrate left the field and user feedback is important to take into account. Arthur Jeanneau is “the most nerve block with the new staging of the box. The engine is also easier to start and I enjoy supercross track with this bike.” An opinion shared by Daniel Razoux The Tokawa is more torque, better staged than the YX and therefore easier to exploit. I’m sure it will suit all riders.

Arthur Jeanneau apprécie l'étagement de la boite.

Arthur Jeanneau apprécie l’étagement de la boite.

The staging of the box is clearly the “more” felt by all and Thomas Gireaud, publishing director of  www.houseofpitbike.com corroborates. It is very nice at the gear selection and especially at the shift between two and three. There is no such loss of power characteristic of low engine yx 150. Operation is simple and any change in the ratio will go from a real tractor engine on / off. clearly, it can adapt to the junior rider as to advanced. Very personally, I have chosen to install the Daytona 150 2S ignition with variable curves.

Thomas Gireaud dénote les même qualité que ses camarades.

Thomas Gireaud dénote les même qualité que ses camarades.

It is now up to you to form your own opinion. Do not hesitate to get closer to the UPower team during a session, there is always a bike to test! The 150 Tokawa 4S is available www.pieces-pit.com

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