Quentin Grimaud and his Bucci F15

Quentin is one of the first to have been Bucci F15 hands. Practicing for three years, two competing advice “hot” on the mini the most successful of the moment we are interested.

“I started like many in the fields with some friends. Very quickly I took the game of the competition, thanks to Victor Piton with whom we created the team GP Racing. The last two seasons, I  had the pleasure to ride a Bucci BR1 F6, but since January, I have the F15. When I found the bike on social networks, I got interested and got back in touch with Gauthier GOURJAULT. The choice to invest and renew my bike appeared quickly when I realized the all the changes between a F6 and a F15.

Some progress

With the weather at the moment, it is not easy to ride … I can do five hours at his handlebars. However, first impressions are positive. With these changes, I feel better and  more stable. Then review the position footrests and new shock absorber provides better grip! Let’s say it better forgive mistakes.  I will progress to the handlebars of the F15 and it is a pleasure to ride with. Besides, this year, I would be present on the uk minibike championship, CGO and two races of the french championship. In this regard, I wish to thank all my partners, Upower Athena motorcycles, i not forget my wife that motivates me and is always there!


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