Miniview: Mathieu, The English

Certainly, it is easy we have chosen this title, but the shortcut we appeared so appropriate. Mathieu Lenglet has just participated a few rounds of Skye Energy Drink Minibike champ” and gives his opinion.

For starters, Matthew, can you tell us about your sporting career ?

I started mx quad in 2001 and did my first race in 2005 on a sand race. After three years of racing, I made a break and found the mini in 2010. In 2011, I signed up for my first race of the French championship and other rounds will follow.

In France, which races do you entire ?

Here, I had the opportunity to do some rounds of the French championship, including Orleans last year. Otherwise, it’s mostly some easy ride.

How did you discover the English championship ?

Quite simply, through Gourjault Gauthier. We discussed the format of racing, the atmosphere, the slopes. It seemed “simple” and especially close enough so I started


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Fiscally speaking, it’s heavy to try ?

It’s still a race, so registrations are higher than on a training … but it is reasonable for what is offered. Apart from the crossing and gazoil, there already have toll and I have the advantage, for once, to be close races. Now therefore to several charges on road sharing, it is more economical.

What do you like about this championship?

I like the atmosphere, the guys who come to see you after a good battle during a heat. I also like the time to distribute and driving simplicity to register when you’re a foreigner. The license as the technical control are formalities. Finally, tracks are really great, although different from ours in France.

It is a movement that you recommend?

Yes, I definitely recommend to others, and often those who have tried it back!

Next year you go back then ?

I go back and hope to make a maximum of rounds. We’ll see if my schedule permits me.

Until then, you are on which races this season ?

Nothing for me, I’m already in the organization for an indoor ride in Belgium.

Thank you, as usual, I leave you the last word ..

I thank all those who support me, my friends, my family. Thank you to Jamie Courtney to host its championship and UPower thank you too!


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